Vybes CBD 14oz Bottle 6 Flavors


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Blackberry Hibiscus

with 25MG Hemp CBD

We brew our own hibiscus tea, add pressed blackberry juice and a touch of clove & cinnamon for a slightly tart, sweet and smooth beverage. Our beverages are made with 25mg Hemp CBD isolate, the purest most potent form of CBD, so you actually feel it.

Serving: 14 oz
CBD/bottle: 25mg
Sugar: 5g
Calories: 25
Caffeine: None
Ingredients: Brewed Hibiscus Tea*, Water, Blackberry Juice*, Erythritol*, Hemp Extract, Malic Acid, Ground Cinnamon*, Stevia*, Ground Cloves* & 100% LA Vibes! *Organically produced

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Blackberry Hibiscus, Blueberry Mint, Honeycrisp Apple basil, Peach Ginger, Strawberry Lemonade, Tangerine Tumeric